Bruna Nessif, The Problem With Dating

Once upon a time...

A Single Woman Wondered Why Dating Was So Shitty.

The Problem With Dating was created in January 2013 after then-entertainment journalist and first-time single woman Bruna Nessif decided to pen her dating hurdles and disasters as a way to share her unfortunate run-ins with love with others who could possibly relate. What happened in return was something she never expected. The writing turned into self-therapy, and the posts began to help lead her on a journey of self-discovery and self-worth—one that she, quite frankly, wasn’t even aware she needed to be on.

While the initial creation of The Problem With Dating was done with nothing more in mind than cultivating a fun hobby to do in her free time, it quickly became clear that Bruna’s words and experiences resonated with readers to the point that her hobby became her purpose and passion.

The website has since expanded to share the voices of many young adults who are trying to maneuver their way through this unstable, exciting, sometimes-exhausting-but-always-interesting world of love through vulnerable, witty, honest and powerful storytelling.

So, this is The Problem With Dating. And you may find yourself asking:

“Well, what’s the solution?”

That’s why we’re here.

By sharing our stories, and taking a deeper look into our behavior, we can inspire a discussion about the problems that arise, not only when trying find a partner, but also when cultivating and maintaining substantial relationships in our lives. And through these conversations, we may begin to acknowledge and heal the parts of ourselves that have been holding us back all along.

At the very least, we’ll start to question our actions and those we choose to invest our energy in, which will ultimately help us live a more fulfilling life.

That certainly seems worth the conversation, don’t you think?

Bruna Nessif, The Problem With Dating


The Problem With Dating explores love & relationships to spark conversations concerning human behavior, self-worth & interpersonal communication. By sharing witty, transparent & vulnerable anecdotes, The Problem With Dating will inspire self-discovery and shift the way we understand romance in the modern world.

Bruna Nessif, The Problem With Dating

About Bruna

Bruna Nessif, an advocate for personal development & a self-proclaimed hopeful romantic, is the author of Let That Shit Go: A Journey to Forgiveness, Healing & Understanding Love and founder of the website The Problem With Dating, a multimedia platform that provides entertaining yet thoughtful pieces about love, dating, self-reflection & spiritual growth.

Bruna is also a certified professional coach of high conscious living and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, specializing in helping women tap into their full potential and regain self-love.

Her written work has been featured on multiple publications, including E! News, Playboy, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Bravo.


Bruna Nessif, The Problem With Dating
Bruna Nessif, The Problem With Dating