40 Things I Learned From Being Single...

40 Things I Learned From Being Single...

Today is a special day, because today is my three-year anniversary of being single. And some of you might wonder, "Why are you celebrating being single that long?" First off, rude. Second, because I've learned that being single was necessary and I'm proud of myself. Those of you who have read my stuff know a lot about me, and therefore also know that I went from one longterm relationship to another for ten years of my life. So being single for three years is a big deal for me!

So why not share everything I've learned from being single?

1. It's not always easy.

2. But it can be fun.

3. The slutty phase is necessary. Don't beat yourself up about it.

4. Don't get attached either. You don't want to date that guy.

5. Distractions will get you through the hard times. But they're just that--distractions. Don't get it twisted.

6. There's a lot of places to go and a lot of people to see. Get out there!

7. It's OK to be selfish sometimes.

8. I can do whatever I want, with whoever I want, wherever I want. That kind of power is so liberating.

9. There are plenty of fish in the sea. And sometimes all you wanna do is play a little catch and release.

10. I put up with a lot of shit from my exes.

11. I can't believe I dated some of those guys.

12. There will be dry spells. Long ones.

13. Masturbating is definitely a smarter idea than hitting up that guy you said you'd never talk to again.

14. Apparently, some people think you're a whore if you're on birth control and single. Clearly they don't know it also helps with acne and gives you bigger boobs.

15. People will judge you if you're having more fun than them. Let them.

16. Don't use this time to lose yourself. Use it to find yourself.

17. Going out every night will get old quick.

18. Guys will come and go. Learn the lesson and move on.

19. Careful with the drinking. It's not just beer that gives you a belly.

20. Don't rush into anything out of loneliness.

21. I'd rather hang at home by myself than spend time with someone whose company I don't genuinely enjoy.

22. Dating is exhausting.

23. Online dating is even more exhausting.

24. There's nothing wrong with being picky. When you have a lot to offer, you should expect the same in return.

25. Don't settle.

26. Letting someone in takes courage.

27. Don't punish someone for someone else's mistakes.

28. I'm not always trying to look good for someone else. Sometimes I just wanna look good for myself.

29. Selfies are not a crime.

30. Make sure to Google search that guy you just met.

31. Stalking complete strangers on Instagram because you're bored is totally normal. Totally.

32. It's nice when the last reason you cried was because of a sappy movie.

33. "The game" is ridiculous.

34. I had a lot of growing up to do.

35. Being alone doesn't automatically mean you're lonely.

36. I'm stronger than I thought.

37. Learn to balance independence with vulnerability.

38. Depending on someone else for your happiness is the easiest way to be unhappy.

39. Just take it day by day.

40. I know that if I choose to share my time with someone, it's because they're worth it.