Cinqe Matchmaker Erica Arrechea Tells Us What Men & Women Want Most in a Partner

Cinqe Matchmaker Erica Arrechea Tells Us What Men & Women Want Most in a Partner

I recently attended Cinqe Matchmaking's annual Summer Soiree, an elite mixer benefiting both their single clientele and Kids in Code, a nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness, by providing coding skills to “At-Risk” teens in Orange County. I threw on my fancy white jumpsuit, and my girl Brittany (who has shared some of her dating stories with y'all) joined me for the ride. Once we got to the Hotel Irvine's Red Bar and Lounge, we were greeted with smiles, glasses of wine and instant dating conversation (I also got a great roasted chicken recipe from one of the men there, LOL). We also got some time to sit and chat with Cinqe co-founder Erica Arrechea, who was trained by none other than Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, to talk all things love and relationships.

Formerly known as Love Love International, Arrechea teamed up with old friend Melissa Lapchuk to create their own matchmaking company Cinqe, which focuses on older single clients, and launched their business on Valentine's Day 2013 (how fitting, right?). Since then, they've been successfully helping in creating substantial relationships with numerous singles who are searching for someone to experience the joys of life with.

Here are some highlights from our talk with Erica:

Top 3 Things Men & Women Want

Erica explains that when it comes to her male clients (which is roughly 80 percent of her clientele), they're looking for someone with energy (someone who is enthusiastic and active about life), someone who is nurturing, and someone who has their own thing going on. When it comes to her female clients, women are looking for someone who can make them laugh, chemistry (because YASSSS, LET ME FEEL THAT SPARK) and someone who has similar interests or hobbies.

No. 1 Thing Matchmakers Consider When Matching People

It's all visual, baby. Erica shares that there are obviously a lot of preferences that go into matching two people together (we can all be picky as hell), so when it comes to her first deciding factor, she's looking at physical attraction. "Are they gonna make a cute couple," she asks herself, and then goes from there. However, sometimes it's the person you least expect to stick that becomes the one you've been searching for, which brings me to the next point...

The Problem With Dating, According to Erica, Is...

"[Clients] think they know what they want—I see this over and over again, I will set them up with someone they didn’t expect," Erica tells me, "and they’re blown away. They don’t know what they like, so the problem with dating is you gotta expand it. You gotta be open to people who normally wouldn’t be your typical match."

But that's just the beginning! Listen to the full interview above!