Dating in L.A. Is the Pits, And I'll Tell You Why

Dating in L.A. Is the Pits, And I'll Tell You Why

Talk to anyone in L.A. and they'll tell you the dating scene is the worst. But tell that to someone outside of Los Angeles and they'll look at you like you're crazy. But it's true. Dating in this town is the pits, and since some may find the idea that you can't meet someone in a city full of beautiful and wealthy people hard to understand, I'll gladly explain why. As of 2012, the city of Los Angeles has a population of nearly 4 million people. And yet, singles find it nearly impossible to fall in love here. Why is that? Well, it's true that the City of Angels is a place full of gorgeous and successful people--on the surface. And that is the problem.

Let's start with success. It's no surprise that you have to be doing something substantial (or at least trying to) to make it out here. Even if you're a struggling actor that bartends on the weekends, you're making enough to pay L.A. rent, and that's saying something. So high-five to everyone that supports themselves out here. It ain't easy! (Those who live on the coattails of their rich parents, I have nothing to say to you. Bye.)

With that said, people here are busy because we're all hustlin' to make that paper. So nobody has time to just spend the afternoon at the park or hang out at the library and local cafe. If you live and work in L.A., chances are you're already dating your career.

Now to the more complicated point: beauty.

Everyone here looks like a supermodel. And it's annoying (at least, if you're not a size 0 with huge breasts, a plump ass and legs as long as the California coast). I can obviously only give the woman's perspective on this, so guys, feel free to jump in with your two cents.

What I've found is that in L.A., guys all go after the same woman, and usually, its the woman listed above. Hey, guess what? I don't look like that and I'm not going to kill myself trying to look like that. If I'm hungry, I'll eat that bread and fuck you for making me feel bad about it.

But the confusing part is when the guys who go for those women start complaining that the girls in LA are so superficial and they can't meet anyone worth spending a lot of time with...blah, blah, blah. If you're gonna go after Barbie, prepare to deal with a bunch of empty plastic.

It's the same story the other way around. I've met plenty of very attractive guys who have no substance going on. Yes, it's great that you have all those muscles and a fancy car and money in the bank, but that doesn't make you God's gift to women or entitled to anything, sir. Call me when you find a personality.

The logic is very simple: You attract what you put out there. If you're a woman that flaunts your looks and nothing else, then you're going to get a guy that just wants arm candy. If you're a man that flaunts all your shiny toys and money, you're getting a gold digger.

And that's what seems to be happening in Los Angeles all day, every day. College degree? What's that? Conversation? But, why?

I don't wear a designer wardrobe because I can't afford it. I'm 5'3" with curves at every corner. My diet consists of meat and fried foods on occasion. I don't spend hundreds of dollars trying to achieve the fountain of youth and I don't act like a pretentious bitch when I'm out in public.

And guess what? I love that about myself because that's what separates me from a lot of women in this city, and the right guy will love that, too.