Emotional Bankruptcy

Emotional Bankruptcy

His lips tasted like the words I always longed to hear, but knew he'd never say

Instead he'd just tease me of love and then push me away.

Touching me with the eagerness of a devil's promise

I knew they were false truths because he could never be this honest.

I saw right through him and the fear he'd hide, masking his dismay under a mountain of pride.

A man like that would never confide that underneath it all, he was actually broken inside.

His heart greeted me like a reckless foster home, providing temporary shelter that I'd never truly know

Before I could even think of settling in, I'd find myself thrown out into the cold again.

He released his pain by hurting me, but I kept coming back because I was too blind to see

That I was addicted to a drug laced with uncertainty

And sometimes poison can taste so sweet.

I always left him with a lingering scent of desperation

For something more than a pit stop disguised as a destination

When I looked in his eyes, I saw my reflection glaring back at me

This girl was staring at me and eyeing my insecurities

She shook her head in disappointment and grief

Because I continued to love men who I knew couldn't love me.

Emotional bankruptcy.