EXCLUSIVE! Ballers Star London Brown on Dating in the Industry & What Wins a Guy Over

EXCLUSIVE! Ballers Star London Brown on Dating in the Industry & What Wins a Guy Over

It's Sunday, which means a new episode of HBO's Ballers tonight! In anticipation of more NFL shenanigans on the small screen, I spoke to London Brown aka Reggie about the world of dating.

Now, let's be real, Reggie wasn't my favorite person in the beginning. He seemed reckless and selfish, but I gotta admit, I've warmed up to him since then and he's definitely growing on me.

Here's what London Brown had to say about his character this season, dating in the industry, his top traits in a partner and, of course, the problem with dating today:

What can we expect from Reggie this season?

"I think that people can expect a more mature Reggie. Season 1, he was snorting cocaine off a white woman and cursing everybody out. In Season 4, I think we see a lot more of a mature side of Reggie in that he has more space in the best interest of his friend's investment. And so he's looking out for his boy, but he's figured out a way to really kind of know how to do it in effective way. So we see a more mature side and a stronger boy on behalf of his friends."

As for love on the show, though, London says Reggie isn't gonna find love, "but he will find lust."

So you mentioned that right now in Ballers, Reggie's love life is kind of, it's chillin', it's not really a thing. But what about in London Brown's love life? 

"I learned this from Jay Z--Jay Z never discusses it and what happens is when you don't discuss it, it keeps the drama down. That's not to say, ‘Oh, London's in love or he's out of love.’ My approach to this is I keep people out of my personal life. I even got on Instagram and I cook live and I make a recipe, that is my way of sharing a part of me, if you will, or when I do stand up, that's very personal. So that's my way of exposing my lifestyle a little bit to my followers. But love, as far as that, I learned that from Jay Z.  He ain't gonna tell 'em, he ain't gonna say anything. Not that that's a bad thing, but you gotta just keep some things personal. Let me say this, I won't keep anybody around me that is not good for me."

Yeah. So, as an LA native, one of the things that gets asked about a lot out here is dating in the industry. You know, that's like a whole other beast aside from just dating in general. So I was wondering what your top tips are for people who want to date other people in the industry?

"I would suggest not dating someone who needs attention, in general. If you're someone who gets attention and you're dating someone who needs it, I don't think it's gonna work, because I think it's gonna cause some sort of tension between the two people. With the little attention that I do get, that can really drive somebody...that can put somebody in a rare position. And that's why for the most part, with the people I keep around me, if I feel that there's any kind of insecurity, I gotta back up, because it's unhealthy and I don't want that kind of energy around me, because it's not about that. I just happen to have a job that's public, but I'd rather do things way more low key."

So then, what are top three qualities then, that you admire in a partner?

"Loyalty, trust and commitment."

All very important things and some would say very rare these days.

"Exactly. At the end of the day, the only person, ideally, you can trust is the woman that you're laying next to. From a straight guy’s angle, that's the only person we can trust at the end of the day."

Because this publication is called The Problem with Dating, what do you think is the biggest problem with dating today?

"I think the biggest problem with dating today is that I feel like the roles have switched. I feel like women are taking on the guys’ role. I feel like the days of the guy pursuing the woman and courting her and all those things, that went out the window. Women are way more aggressive towards men than previous times. It's either that or you get a lot more women that are on this thing of, "I don't need a man, I'm super independent" and I'm like, in my mind, I just believe in balance. So I feel like, the man needs a woman like the woman needs a man. I don't feel like I'm better than a woman or anything like that, but I feel like we should be side by side. But I also know that it's a different time and everybody doesn't feel like that."

Do you feel like if a man really wants you, he'll pursue you and you don't have to do all that as a woman?

"Yup. A mature guy would. The thing that draws men is confidence. That will win over all. If there's another woman in the room that is what most might consider to be just kinda average, but her confidence is there, she'll pull the guy easy. Easy. And I feel that the guy is definitely going to pursue her and let her know what's going on and where he's at with it. My motto growing up was, ‘What's the worst that's gonna happen?’ What? You ask the girl and then she says no I'm not interested. Well, then OK. A confident guy can say OK and move on. It's not a thing. I'm not calling her names, I'm not trying to get my drink back, nothing crazy. All that stuff is a lot of insecure guys. And I don't move that way. I'm not competing with another guy. I know that other guys can't be me and I can't be them. It's not about even being better than them. I put my focus on whatever it is I want in general in life, because the mind will bring forth that which occupies it. So if I'm going over there focused on rejection, then I'm gonna get rejection. Whatever it is, I don't even put my energy into that. I just work on being the best me and whatever it is I want. And I try to live that way."

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