Happy Halloween! The Ghost Stories You Wish You Could Forget...

Happy Halloween! The Ghost Stories You Wish You Could Forget...

Happy Halloween, y'all! As we finalize and execute costumes for tonight, and reminisce on the days of filling pillow cases with candy, let us also participate in a favorite pastime this holiday--ghost stories.

But not just any ghost stories, ghosting stories.

Many of us who are navigating the dating sphere these days are no stranger to the all-too-common-but-still-annoying dating trend of ghosting, where someone you've been talking to disappears and leaves you wondering WTF happened.

I asked readers to submit their ghosting stories for a roundup, and we had some brave souls share their tales for our enjoyment.

So, sit back, turn on a flashlight, and join us as we journey through the haunting tales of people who got us fucked up.


"I was coworkers with this one guy for about 7 months. We clicked instantly and I knew I liked him right away. I just had so much fun with him and we had similar senses of humor. Coworkers would even ask if we were together. We would talk every day, even outside of work. I wanted to stop time when I was with him and an easy attachment formed. When I would mention hanging out he would say yes! After I quit, we made plans to hang out. When the day came, I saw on his Snapchat he was driving to Warped Tour. I called and texted, no response. I texted him a few weeks later, because a group beach day was approaching. He messaged me with enthusiasm and wanted me to go. I acted chill like nothing had happened while he stared at me the entire night with desire. After that day, I told him I felt like I was the one initiating hanging out and I didn't want him to be temporary. He said he had a habit of being flaky and he did want to meet up. Fast forward a few weeks after that, a Saturday afternoon date was made. Again, he ignored my messages the day of, doesn't speak to me but still watches my Snapchat stories." —Anonymous

"I super-swiped a woman on Bumble. We started talking and had tons in common, stayed up until 5 a.m. talking the first day. Ended up grabbing lunch the following day and the conversation was great! Instant chemistry. She basically invited herself to a few events with me coming up (weddings, etc) during conversation and I was totally fine with it. I figured hey, why not? Went to a wine bar after lunch, and after a few glasses, she grabbed my face and kissed me, and we basically ended up being 'that couple' at the bar. Due to schedules, second date was planned a week later, but the talks continued day and night. Talking with her never felt forced, and was actually relaxing and refreshing. Second date we go out exploring all day, she brings her dog, who is basically her child. We have the best day; beers, food, tours, stealing kisses, got into some places we shouldn't have; felt like we were in high school trying not to get caught! We had a car concert on the drive home, pulled over on the side of the road and made love (her words) under the stars. The chemistry, I'm telling you! THE. BEST. DAY. She kept telling me I should delete the app (Bumble). I was feeling the same way, was fine with giving it a shot, so I did. Two days later, I drop her off at the airport at 6 am, hug her goodbye as she was going on vacation with her family for the next month-ish (all confirmed legit). The next day I get the following text:

This was the last correspondence I ever received from her. Within a week after only sending a "hey hope you're having a great vacation! Cheers!" text, she blocked me on all social media and I've never seen or heard from her ever again." —Tom
"I was dating a guy and we had been together for THREE YEARS. We lived together, I had a promise ring from him, all that fun stuff. Anyway, I went on vacation to see my sister after she gave birth, I spent 5 DAYS trying to contact my boyfriend and never heard from him. He deleted all of our pictures off social media, blocked me on everything, I ended up seeing pictures of him and some girl at the river while I was gone. I moved out as soon as I got home. Awkwardly enough, we work together so I still see him pretty regularly." —Melissa
"I was dating this man I had met in my BJJ class for about 3 months. We would go out on dates almost every weekend and talk often during the week. After the 2-month mark, I started questioning what we were; were we exclusive? Where is this going? He started getting a little distant without giving me a solid response to my questions, so I figured I was being too paranoid and stopped asking. We were talking again fine and I asked him if he wanted to spend the weekend with me since I had a paid hotel room due to a school event I was a part of. We had an amazing weekend. I was just in LaLa Land. We briefly talked about being exclusive, but never came to a conclusion. I messaged him after our weekend to see how he was doing and I got no response. It was like this for about a week until I noticed that he had ghosted me. Fast forward a year, and he sent me a message saying he's sorry he had ghosted me and that he wanted to 'hang out again.' Aside from sorry, no explanation was given to why his sudden magical disappearance. I later found out that he had been seeing another woman while he was seeing me and he chose her over me without having the decency to tell me that it wasn’t going to work out between us. He is still with this woman, but I know he cheats on her every once in a while."
"We met on Match.com. A week later, we went on a date, and then a few thereafter. He dumped me after 2 months, reappeared months later, and began to string me along for 2 years. January 2015 was the last time we saw each other. He completely ghosted me after 2 years of mind games."
Do you have any ghost stories you want to share? Drop it in the comments below!