Horrible First Dates Happen to the Best of Us...

If you need something to make you feel a little better about your lackluster dating life, here you go. Finally Free Media took it upon themselves to create a web series devoted to shitty first dates, because guess what? We all have them. And what better way to ease the pain of experiencing one than to hear about other people whose first dates may have been even worse?

(Yeah, we know, it's not that nice to say, but we're all thinking it.)

The Date, premiering this Friday on YouTube, will feature various first-date horror stories, which also got the animated treatment, so you can get a visual on how things played out.

We know you're already counting down the days, so to hold you over, watch the trailer above and get a taste of what you can expect to see.

Don't forget to check out Finally Free Media's YouTube page this Friday, May 19, to get all of the juicy details on these horrible first dates!