I Took Myself Out on a Date Yesterday...

I Took Myself Out on a Date Yesterday...

Solo day dates--they're my jam. It's funny, though, how often I get a "Bruna, don't be depressed. Do you want me to come with you? I'll hang out with you," when my friends or family find out I'm going to do something by myself.

I'm not depressed. I just want to decompress and have a Me Day. (Why are people so afraid of going out and doing things alone?)

Anyway, March 6 was my 4-year anniversary of being single, and each year I like to take myself out and do a little something just for me. It's usually a matinee movie showing with a Kids Pack on my lap, but there wasn't really anything that I wanted to see that bad in theaters, so instead, I went to the Grammy Museum at LA Live to see the Tupac exhibit.

I was super stoked about it because I've loved Tupac since the day one of my cholo ex-boyfriends introduced me to his music in high school. I guess I have that to thank him for. I loved it, even though I couldn't relate to most of it. But more than that, I grew to love Tupac Amaru Shakur--the activist, the creative, the writer. He was such an amazing poet, and to be able to see some of his original work in his own notebook in his writing was absolutely unbelievable--trying to read his scratched-out words to see what his mind first thought up then second guessed, analyzing his penmanship, feeling the inspiration from the light in his eyes and the power of his words during interviews that was quickly followed by a heaviness in my heart because I knew what the outcome was going to be in his life--all of that was unbelievable. And heavy.

photo 2

And since Tupac himself said you ain't gotta lie to kick it, I'm just gonna tell you right now, I cried a little. I know, I know. But I felt like I was getting a sneak peek inside Tupac's personal world and it made me feel all the feelings.

After the exhibit, I began exploring the rest of the four floors of the Grammy museum since I'd never been (you should really go). It was pretty amazing. The third (?) floor has this awesome "studio" area where you can make your own beats, mixes, remixes and even rap on a track. I spent a good amount of time there.

Once I was done, I started feeling hungry, so I figured I'd go to one of my favorite sushi places, Katsuya, and order one of my favorite rolls (Rock Shrimp Tempura Roll). After all, I was taking myself out, so whatever I wanted, I got.

The wait was a while--for everyone else. But since I was just a party of 1, they seated me at the sushi bar between two pairs, of course.

I was a little smushed, but it is what it is. I got seated right away, so that's always nice. Then, the sympathetic glances began. I didn't pay them much mind. I was watching college basketball and about to munch on my favorite food. I'm good. Plus, the sushi chef and server were both very accommodating, asking me every minute if I'm OK and grabbing me absolutely anything I could possibly need or want. That was...nice.

One order of salmon sushi and rock shrimp roll later, I was outta there.

photo 3

I jammed to some of my favorite tunes on the drive home and just reflected on my day. It was a good day (Ice Cube voice). And that was the end of my day-to-night date with myself. Although it was great, I didn't put out at the end. I was too tired, so I napped instead, and that was even better.

If you've never taken a day to yourself to do whatever--read a book at the park, take a class, go to a museum, watch a movie, whatever--I strongly suggest it.

It's not selfish or lonely or depressing, regardless of what society may make you think.

Plus, you owe it to yourself, don't you think?