I Wish We Never Did It

I Wish We Never Did It

I wish we never did it.Not because I regret you But because I loved it. And because I loved it, I feel like I missed out on loving you.

A look into my eyes, and you'd get nervous. A kiss on my lips and you'd want more. Questioning why I was so good to you. Telling me how you'd never been here before.

Women didn't treat you the way I did. They didn't listen to you ramble.They didn't listen to your fears. They didn't listen when you said you weren't ready. But I paced myself and that's why you kept me near.

You'd undress the fabric of other women. You'd strip them bare in the physical sense. You had them where you wanted them. Touch them and then talk about them in the past tense.

With me you always kept me present. With me you played it safe. Persuading yourself by telling me I'm free to do as I please A subliminal to my ears to never wander too far away.

But we're adults and the fronting can only go on so long. Sexual tension between our bodies boiling My naked body screaming out, "you know where you belong."

You touched me You kissed me You grabbed me You had your way. We'd lay there, just our bodies. Your arm around my waist.

Fall asleep and wake up. Get dressed and kiss goodbye. "I don't want a relationship. We're just friends." Is the phrase I'd rotate in my mind.

The dates stopped. The talks got shorter. We created a routine. You'd call me up, and I'd come over. And nothing but you in between.

I began to forget your face in daylight. I began to crave our convos about our day. I began to wish we could go back to the basics. Before we fell in lust with the physical taste.

I wish we never did it. Not because I regret you But because I wonder if we had potential to grow. Past the body language We might never fully know.

Mother and writer doing everything she can in one lifetime. You are appreciated.