Meet the Problem With Dating Team: Rajiv Mirchandani

Meet the Problem With Dating Team: Rajiv Mirchandani

Have you ever had that “jaded” friend who’s skeptical of just about anything that has to do with dating? Well if you don’t, then allow me to quote my boy Randy  Newman and say, “You’ve got a friend in me!” That’s right. I threw some Toy Story at you in a dating post. But anyway, my name is Rajiv. And you’ve probably seen me on Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble, Happn, Plenty of Fish, and probably other dating apps that I can’t even remember at the top of my head. After trying all of these out, I’ve been on good dates and bad dates. I’ve had messages ignored by beautiful women and not-so-beautiful women. I’m pretty sure someone even hit on me with a profile that they made for their dog.

Case in point, I’ve pretty much seen it all. At the end of all the dates, and all of the rejections, all of the crazies, and all the bots, I’ve come to a point where I’ve decided to call it quits.

Now before go you labeling me as a sad sap that goes searching for love in all the wrong places, I can definitely tell you that I’ve struck out when I was proactively dating, and when dating was the furthest thing from my mind. I’ve just realized that I’m not the type of guy that people want to be in a relationship with. It sounds kind of shitty, but it’s actually pretty liberating once you think about it. So don’t feel bad for me! I own that mindset, I embrace it, and hopefully I can use it so help some of you out.

When Bruna approached me about being a regular guest on PWD, I had no idea what the hell I would write about. What could I possibly offer to readers who are actively dating, looking for love, and looking for soulmates? After all, I’ve been on the “dating sidelines” for a little over a year now.

And then I said, oh shit! Maybe I can bring something to the table here.

Think about this! There’s a quote that says, “The human brain is the most outstanding organ. It works 24/7, 365 days a year, right from your birth until you fall in love.” And you guys (and ladies) know it’s true!

When you catch feelings, you start doing things that are out of character, all common sense goes out the window, and your brain literally stops working like it normally does. When this happens, maybe you need a jaded, skeptic like me on your side. After all, sitting on the sidelines allows you to observe things that you don’t normally see when you’re too busy playing the game.

I won’t sit here and claim to have all the answers. Based on what you know about me so far, you know for damn sure I’m not a real life version of Hitch. Kinda like on your tinder profiles, I’m just here to be another voice, another view, and another mindset for you to swipe “like” or “dislike” on for your reading list.

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