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My Bestie Is Marrying Her Bumble Match!

Bruna Nessif Comment
My Bestie Is Marrying Her Bumble Match!

Who says you can't find true love online? OK, a lot of people, and at some point probably me, but I always knew it was possible, and I was reminded of that yesterday.

My friend Julia, who you might remember from our speed-dating extravaganza, got engaged yesterday and I just have to share her story with you guys, because it's awesome.

So, prior to speed-dating, Julia had just ended a 7-year relationship with her boyfriend, because he still wasn't sure if marriage was in the picture, and that's something she wanted to pursue in the near future. So, obvs, goodbye.

A few weeks after their split, I saw her ex on Bumble. I wasn't sure if I should bring it up or not, but she ended up finding out and was pissed. She figured she'd get her own Bumble account and find his profile to say something.

What she found instead was so much better.

She ended up matching with a guy named Evan, and while getting ready for the speed-dating event, she kept telling me how well they got along over text messages. I was apprehensive.

"That's nice Julia, but you need time to heal. Don't get too excited about dating app guys."

Jaded? Maybe, but it was true from my experience!

Regardless, she ended up meeting up with Evan, and they hit it off. They instantly began dating, and now, a year and a half later, they're engaged.

Evan reached out to all of Julia's loved ones to make sure we were there for the big surprise, so I made sure to document this for you, too.

Grab some Kleenex!