Netflix's Dating Around: Where Are They Now?

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with the cast of Netflix's new original series Dating Around to dish on the hurdles of dating. For those of you who haven't watched the buzzed-about show yet, this series follows 6 individuals in New York City as they go on five blind dates each (yes, I'm exhausted just typing that).

When I was approached to host this roundtable update, I was thrilled not just because it's fucking Netflix, hello, but because this show is a great example of the larger conversation with dating. It was inclusive, it was honest and it reminded us that no matter what our background, preference, age or history with love--we all deal with very similar struggles when it comes to dating.

This dialogue was not just a shit-talking fest like many may hope (although trust me, I would've loved to go in on Justin, but Leonard and Gurki reminded me what grace looks like). Talking shit about other people who weren't even there to give their side of the story wasn't our focus.

Bonding over the big picture was.

Dating can be fun, but it's also hard. It brings out parts of you that you thought were healed. It makes you vulnerable. It showcases you in front of different personalities that are sometimes hard to navigate. It brings everything bottled deep down inside of you to the surface, especially for these six people who did it in front of the world, and now you have to deal with what's still stirring around inside of you that seems to come up any time you try to bring someone else into the picture.

It's heavy stuff.

But, of course, it's not all bad. Getting dolled up and meeting new people, striking interesting conversation, the butterflies when someone is hot AND dope and now you get to chill with them. Sigh, good times.

This was a great experience, and whether or not you've watched the show (although I highly suggest you do), there will be topics you can relate to in this conversation.

Also, Leonard is an angel.