Sleep Guide 101: The Positions That Lead to More Sex & Make Couples Happiest

Sleep Guide 101: The Positions That Lead to More Sex & Make Couples Happiest

Sleep is a beautiful thing. Sleeping with someone can be, well, bothersome sometimes. I tend to praise the fact that since I'm single, I can sleep diagonally across my bed without a care in the world. It's an underrated blessing, because I know you've been in a position where you wish you could do that, too.

You're lying in bed with someone next to you, and you're so tired, but you can't fall asleep because you're so uncomfortable and you almost can't wait for them to leave so you can sleep peacefully. It's the worst.

But it's not always that way, and your girl enjoys a good cuddle, too (and you already know I think it's more intimate than sex).

So for those of you who do find yourself sharing your sacred bed space, I have some helpful research for you...

A recent survey shares the the most favored coupled sleeping positions for both men and women, and reveals which cuddling position tends to lead to more sex (surprisingly, it's not him spooning you from behind with an erection).

Mattress Advisor surveyed 1,000 Americans in relationships about how they liked to cozy up to their partner at night, and you might be surprised at the No. 1 position both men and women prefer when sleeping in bed together.

"The most popular position involved partners sleeping on their sides facing away from each other, with a small amount of space between their bodies," the article states. "Sleep scientists promote curling up on one’s side, citing benefits ranging from improved breathing to reduced lower back pain."

So maybe don't be mad that they're not facing you, because maybe you kinda love it, too.


As for the cuddle position that usually leads to more naughty time?

The article states, "The sleeping arrangement most correlated with sex featured couples facing each other with limbs intertwined. Close spooning with the man on the outside took second place."

I don't know why, but reading that made me happy, because there's a lot of intimacy in snuggling up to your partner face-to-face, and I guess I'm just glad we haven't lost that.


If you're realizing that you or your partner's sleeping style is causing issues with your rest, don't be afraid to talk about it!

"As with many compatibility concerns at the beginning of a relationship, there’s no telling how your sleeping position preferences might differ from that of a partner. But as you experiment with sleep arrangements that work best for both of you, the essential tools for relationship success apply: cooperation and communication," the article explains.

"Our findings reveal how varied our favored positions can be and how they can incite intense emotion. But don’t let resentment build about how you share your bed with the one you love. By discussing your sleeping styles directly, you might save yourself some conflict – and get better rest as a result."