The Evolution of Lust: 20 Ways You'd Show Your Crush You Liked Them Before Today's Social Media

The Evolution of Lust: 20 Ways You'd Show Your Crush You Liked Them Before Today's Social Media

To say the evolution of "love" would be a little much, so yes, let's stick with lust. If you're like me and in your mid 20's (or even a little older), chances are you've experienced dial-up Internet, had a T-Mobile Sidekick, and used AIM, BBM and MySpace to express your interest for someone online. Before there was Instagram, we saved photos to our Photobucket.

Before there was Twitter, we sent subliminal messages through our Myspace headline. And before there was Soundcloud, we just dedicated our profile song to our special person.

Now that we're old enough, let's grab a drink and reminisce on the good old times of how you knew someone was into you and you let someone know they were on your radar...

  1. You would hang up the house phone and jump online to chat, because it was impossible to use the Internet and home phone at the same time.

  2. You were in the the top 4 of their Top 8.

  3. You left them comments that included glittery graphics.

  4. You had a whole album on your page dedicated to photos of the both of you.

  5. You had a slideshow with background music below your "About Me" section.

  6. Your profile song was dedicated to that special someone, both when you got together and when you broke up.

  7. "Online now" next to their name was the greatest thing to see.

  8. "Sliding in the DM" meant "Sending a Message."

  9. Your Bulletin Board on Myspace was the perfect place to leave those subliminal messages.

  10. Along with your away message on AIM.

  11. Your username **LoOk_ed LIk3 tHiis***.

  12. Your heart dropped when you heard "the door" open or close on AIM.

  13. You had a special chime designated for your crush when they signed on.

  14. Your most used "emoji's" were: <3, :p , and :* .

  15. You saved every photo of you two to Photobucket.

  16. The "R" with the check-mark in your BBM messages was your introduction to the "read receipt."

  17. You strategically picked a witty tagline to put under your username on BBM.

  18. BBM was also another way to see if they were really "busy" when they didn't return your text.

  19. A "poke" was the early version of a "double-tap."

  20. And then eventually, we all graduated to Facebook where whatever you two had wasn't official until your status changed to "In a Relationship." Period.

No matter how much social media continues to grow, we must never forget where we all learned HTML codes and clever ways to say "hey." So to dial-up, Nextel, the Motorola Razor, AIM, BBM, MySpace, and Facebook--thank you.

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