The Gain From Pain
They say you get what you put into the world, but sometimes that felt like a lie
I gave loyalty, honesty and trust, and what I got back was my demise
I thought I found the one I'd prayed for, but it was another misconception
Misguided by my perception, I saw a love laced in perfection
But the fairy tale only lasts so long, until you hear reality call
The love that made me feel invincible left me broken and small
And before you can pull yourself back together
You're lying on the ground wondering when will it get better
The pain cuts so deep, it gets harder to breathe
You clench at your chest and beat yourself to believe
That everything happens for a reason and bad times pass like a season
That your heart is pure and love is real
Even though you refuse to let anybody ease in
Now you're stuck, fighting to find something to believe in
Or someone
Am I the only one?
Sometimes I feel like I'm falling but nobody's here to catch me
I look around me and the room is silent and empty
Yet this fire within me always continues to burn
The flame sparks brighter with every lesson I learn
And if people walk away, I'll hold the door open
My worth does not lie in the hands of men with no hope in
Who I am or what I give or what I say and how I live
So tear me down and I'll build myself up again
Slowly piecing together a better version of the woman I was then
Stronger, wiser, and bursting with love
All saved for the man who knows I'm more than enough