This May Be One of My Most Vulnerable Moments With You

This May Be One of My Most Vulnerable Moments With You

If I'm going to b there are a lot of unresolved feelings that weigh heavily on me, that's no surprise. But last night, I was definitely caught off-guard, and I was hesitant on sharing this with you, because I was afraid of being judged or showing too much of the part of me that I keep to myself. And then I remembered--that's what this is all about. How can I, the creator of The Problem With Dating and No. 1 promoter of expression, sit here and even think twice about not leading by example?

So here we are.

Yesterday, I began toying with the idea of voice recording some of my written pieces. I hardly ever read what I write out loud. I just let my fingers do all the talking, and then put it away to read for another day. But sometimes, here and there, I read it back to myself. And let me tell you, hearing your voice say the words, as opposed to just reading them silently in your mind, has a completely different affect.

It just makes it more...real.

After recording a few pieces on this app I became obsessed with, I started flipping through some pages of the book I was going to put out. I came across a piece I wrote about a guy who broke my heart almost two years ago now, and although I'd like to think I gave myself closure in that situation (because the way it ended was very WTF), I realized that may not be the case.

Because in the middle of the recording, I started crying.

The entire piece is about a conversation that never came to be, and maybe saying some of those words out loud struck a chord with me and brought feelings back to the surface.

Either way, I've decided (despite my fear of being ridiculously vulnerable with you) to share this recording with you, because maybe you've felt what I felt, too.

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