Using a Dating App? No One's Judging You (But Don't Make These Mistakes)

Using a Dating App? No One's Judging You (But Don't Make These Mistakes)

Friends. I have entered a new world--the online dating world. Yes, I took the plunge (kinda), and I come back bearing gifts...meaning, I've come back with stories and tips so that you don't embarrass yourselves like the people I've come across in the past 24 hours.

But first--the back story.

One of my good guy friends called me last night, and while playing catch up, he tells me to get this app called Tinder. I was like, "Tind-what?!"

"Bruna, you have to get it. It's ridiculous and hilarious and super shallow but great."

My friend wasn't lying.

So I got Tinder, this online dating app that links to your Facebook, but doesn't let your Facebook friends know you have a profile. You upload five pictures and have the option to filter your "recommendations" by location, age and gender. So, I put my parameters and began a full-on judging fest.

For about an hour, I became hypnotized by this app, where all I do is press an X or a heart on guys' photos. The X'ed out men go into a dark abyss, where I'll never see them again. Meanwhile, the "liked" guys may become a "match," should they have liked my photo as well. And if that happens, you have the option to message each other.

Clearly, I did all of this for you guys. To get material. For this blog. Obvs.

So here are some tips for those either with a profile or thinking about getting one.

  • You get five pictures. Choose them wisely. No one cares about what your pet looks like unless you're half naked next to it. No one cares about the trees behind you or a random photo that has nothing to do with your face or your body. Common sense people.
  • On that note, don't post a body picture if your body isn't on point. Just stop.
  • Make sure your top default pic is your winner. You want people to see it and be like, "Oh whaaat," not "Nope!"
  • Avoid group pictures. The guessing game almost always ends badly.
  • You have the option to give a little bit of info through a text block. Use it. Write something witty or interesting.
  • Once you have a match and decide to message the person, be real. Being a little cheesy might pass, but don't go overboard...

Like this:

photo (3)

That will get you nowhere but the blocked bin.

Now excuse me while I go do more, um, research.