Welcome to the New & Improved "Problem With Dating"!

Welcome to the New & Improved "Problem With Dating"!
Photo by  Nataly Castro

Photo by Nataly Castro

Hello, lovely people. For those of you who are new here, welcome! And for those of you returning, we’re happy to see you again!

As you know, The Problem With Dating is a space that promotes growth, so it only made sense to apply that concept with our brand, as well!

Since its inception in 2013, The Problem With Dating has gone on its own journey of self, where it’s transformed into many different versions that reflected where we were at in that period of time, and now, we’re happy to launch our latest update and rebrand!

What I love about the redesign is how it illustrates the path we’ve been on personally since it first began. Back in 2013, it was very young, fun and flirty. Then, it cleaned up a bit after that, and now we’re grown and sexy! This has all been represented in the content created and the mission as well.

So, as we welcome the new chapter of The Problem With Dating, where we focus on identifying and healing ourselves as a way to experience healthier and more fulfilling love in our lives, here’s what you can expect:

  • A sleeker, more user-friendly website!

  • A free survey to help curate which of our content will serve you best with where you’re at in your personal journey right now!

  • A chance to learn more and purchase my book straight from the website!

  • The ability to take a peek at some of the various publications we’ve been linked to and a chance to hear our numerous podcast appearances

  • The chance to submit your own story to be featured on The Problem With Dating! (Yasssss!)

  • And, quite arguably the most exciting part, a soon-to-come membership program for those who want to gain more resources and tools from our community! More info will be coming on that soon.

So, take a moment to look around and catch up on all of our new features as we celebrate the beginning of what is sure to be one of our best chapters yet!

Thank you for supporting The Problem With Dating all these years, and may it continue to serve you as it has served me.

Love & growth always,