Words For My Wife: Part 1

Words For My Wife: Part 1

You’re the missing piece to my puzzle. There are many things in life that I’m unwilling to do until we decide to do life together.

We’ve weathered through previous emotional highs and lows, dealing with other people’s baggage and skeletons.

It’s made us mature in ways we never imagined.

Although painful, going through those life lessons only made our love for people grow even stronger.

We were put here to love, but our flesh has distorted an understanding of what that truly is.

We thought sex would cure the pain of being betrayed, but it was short lived and ultimately made us feel hollow inside.

Knowing how rare it is to find, we optimistically yearn for loyalty and trust in one person.

See, I’m going to come clean, I’m not a needy person, but I want you and I need you.

You’re my life partner, my wife and mother of my children--the matriarch.

Whether we’ve already crossed paths or not, I’m unsure, but we’ll know when the time is right.

The transparency will be liberating.

Imagine being with someone who sincerely loves you for who you are at your core.

We’re far from perfect but we’re wise, accountable and empathetic.

I didn’t want much of your time today, but you’ve been on my mind recently, so I wanted to start the conversation.

I’m going to start writing to you publicly until I can write to you privately.

But before I leave, what’s your name?

Jacky Wright is striving to become a master in the art of living; pursuing his vision of excellence and blurring the lines between work and play.