Let That Shit Go

Let That Shit Go Answers the Question: “WTF Am I Doing Wrong?”

Another relationship down the gutter. Why do I keep attracting the same person in different bodies? Sound familiar? Welcome to the club.

Let That Shit Go: A Journey to Forgiveness, Healing & Understanding Love is a compilation of true stories detailing intimate relationships with various men in order to illustrate the ongoing lessons that continued to arise, but were conveniently ignored.

In her usual conversational-yet-introspective tone, author Bruna Nessif will make you laugh, cry and reflect as she takes you on a very personal voyage where she recalls some of her most traumatic, heartwarming, embarrassing and monumental memories from her love life through transparent and vulnerable story-telling.

You will finish this book with a new lens on love and self-worth, as well as the tools to begin your own journey to healing by letting shit go.

You ready?

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Let That Shit Go


THANK YOU BRUNA. This read was a great awakening in my life. It was a bit more than relatable, some moments felt like you where talking about my personal story and that’s whats intriguing.Highly recommend this book to any and all going through self healing. It will give you a different perspective on life.Xoxo you should make it into a feature 🎥✨🙏🏽❤️

- Amber P.

Well written and full of authentic, raw emotion. I definitely found myself identifying with so much of her story but her way with words put my own journey into perspective in ways I had not been able to. Most “self help” genre books just talk to you, whereas she shares her personal story and talks about the knowledge she gained to make you question your own story in the same way which I found much more interesting and effective.

- Laura

Bruna has created a must read for anyone that has troubles in relationships or life in general. This book is powerful and brutally honest and I find myself revisiting some chapters because I gain a new perspective each time.

- Mark M.

I recommend every one reads this book. The authors experiences and lessons mirrored my own and helped me with my own self reflections. The poems were beautiful and her descriptions about her own love life were like a movie. My favorite thing about this book is that she used all of the chapters from before as a guide, and made an interactive part at the end to help the reader with their own journey. Reading this book felt like I was not only listening but talking to a friend which makes the book a 5 out 5!

- Delayna

Her writing makes this an easy read.. for me it was almost as if I was reading pages of my own journal.. I’m sure you’ll experience that too. Great prompts at the end as well as so many good quotes, questions and prompts throughout the book. And by the end of it I was ready to grab my journal and let that shit go.

- Sammi S.

This is a hard one to put down. I didn’t plan on finishing this book in a night, but a few hours after starting I was closing the back cover. Bruna has done a fantastic job balancing the story of her own personal experiences with lessons & advice we can all relate to. You will cheer, cry, have your heart shattered, and be inspired throughout the journey this book takes you on. I will be sharing this book with many people in my life.

- Charles B.