My Partner & I Can’t Seem to Understand Each Other

You’ve found someone special, but that doesn’t mean everything is rainbows and butterflies. In fact, this is when the real work gets put in. Communication is crucial to any long-lasting and healthy relationship, but you’re having some trouble getting on the same page with your partner. Remember that good communication comes with time and honest, vulnerable and transparent dialogue with your partner in order to learn what communication styles work best for you.


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Let That Shit Go

Relatable excerpts from my book Let That Shit Go that might help you:

“Interpretation was the biggest kryptonite of our relationship, which is also common in many rocky relationships. Something would happen, and instead of talking about it and sharing our feelings or perspective on what we drew from the experience, we comfortably sat in our assumptions and presumed that it was true for the other person, too.”

—The One Who Raised Me, pg. 241

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