You’re Rebounding & It’s Not Working

It looks like you’re trying to get over an ex by getting under someone else. Yeah, people try to convince us that’s a great way to move on, but let’s be real—it usually just gets messy. It’s easy to rebound after heartbreak and snag yourself a convenient distraction, but be careful of getting sucked into a stressful situationship that ends up hurting someone else and yourself.


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Book Excerpts

Let That Shit Go

Relatable excerpts from my book Let That Shit Go that might help you:

“Through it all I learned that closure is a luxury, not a guarantee.

This silent epidemic being fought behind closed doors.

We may feel as though we are deserving of some final bow, but the truth is nobody owes us anything.

We are given what those around us decide to grace us with, and sometimes, all they can give us is the choice to stop stalling our lives on the clocks of another, and find the power within us to take the first step forward alone.”

—The One I Thought Was “The One,” pg. 28

“With time, I slowly but surely started to regain myself without his memory hovering over it. I no longer dreamed of what could’ve been and embraced what was. I decided I couldn’t waste any more moments of my life thinking about someone who so willfully chose not to be a part of it. Even then, I must admit, there were plenty of times when I wondered what would happen if he came back, because they almost always do. I wondered if I’d give him another chance. I’d see his friends out and about and my heart would stop at the thought of seeing him, but I never did. And although many guys from my past would resurface, he was not one of them.

I began to do a lot of things to focus on bettering myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually, because this experience forced me to face a lot of undesirable qualities about myself. Why did I fall for guys so easily and so fast? Why did I place all of my validation in someone else’s hands? Why would I cripple the second they walked away? Why was this always happening to me?”

—The One I Thought Was “The One,” pg. 58-59

“That’s the beautiful thing about pain. When you’re able to step outside of it and see all of the priceless lessons that come from some of the ugliest moments, you begin to find meaning in everything. When you find meaning, you find acceptance, and when you find acceptance, you can finally feel peace.”

—The One Who Tested My Growth, pg. 202

“I just wanted a man to show me that I’m worth staying for, because it’s awful to feel like you’re so easy to leave. For that reason, I kept going above and beyond for every man that crossed my path, and because I wanted the praise and validation to fill the void that my father left me with.”

—The One Who Raised Me, pg. 223

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